01 September 2016

13 May 2016

A Deepwater Basket made with Love...

One of a series of baskets made since moving to Deepwater NSW and discovering the local grasses to use.

IMG 3416bw

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03 March 2016

Down Frazer Street

Deepwater street signs

IMG 0969
When my mother married again, she married a Fraser from Warwick. I am curious to research which Frazer this was named after

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12 January 2016

Pyramid Power Church

St Alban's Anglican Church, Gatton

IMG 2104.1

Original church built in 1878 and  the current ST. ALBAN'S was REBUILT 1967

16 December 2015

Just Kidding

One of three, two girls and a boy..

IMG 1140 Baby Goats
Little Girl Goat (Antons kids)

05 May 2015

Foggy Full Scorpio Moon

Our first Full moon in Deepwater

IMG 4510 Full Moon through the Fog 

 Reading Cathy's description below one can't help but think our new beginning is perfectly timed.
 When the Sun is in Taurus, our attention turns to what is alive in the world.  Taurus is a fixed earth sign, meaning it concentrates Aries fire to bring it into form.  At the Aries New Moon on April 18th, we planted a new seed story about our lives, a new story about our individual purpose and our contribution to healing the world and creating a better future.   Read More HERE 
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12 January 2014

04 January 2014


  Acrocinus longimanus

IMG 6909.1 Harlequin Beetle in the Spotlight

This beetle was a long way from home on my front steps taking in the sights in Urunga because he is a native from elsewhere.  The harlequin beetle is a large tropical longhorned beetle native to the Americas, especially from southern Mexico to Brazil in South America. Wikipedia

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21 November 2013


On the swing at Urunga, Shelby enjoys the sites and sounds of the ocean.

IMG 5549.1bw Shelby

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03 November 2013

Reflections of a twin soul encompassed!

IMG 4585.1

Taken at the Monsanto March in October 2013 and finishing at the Showgrounds in Bellingen NSW.

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25 August 2013

What a wonderful Beard

I love to ask strangers, may I take your photograph Please?

IMG 3358 Beardy Chap
A Grafton Gentleman 2013
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31 July 2013

1 + 6 = 7

Montana's hands nicely manicured and painted . . .

IMG 1573  ~ 16 = 1+6 = 7  SEVEN

This was taken on her birthday in 2012

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02 July 2013

Beautiful Girl

Interesting people series.....

.2018.BW "Montana-Star"  ...  The Star over the Mountain  ...
Montana-Star ..  Underneath this skin there is a human. (Human lyrics)
This is Montana-Star, another very interesting person I am showcasing as a subject.  She loves music and she loves her boyfriend and Justin Bieber.  She is in Year 12 and mostly she is studying these days, or this is what she tells me.   I know this isn't the case. 
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18 June 2013

The Tree's Looking Glass.

Si Dieu nous a faits à son image, nous le lui avons bien rendu

 IMG 1564.1  Picture Windows 

 If God has made us in his image, we have returned him the favor.
Notebooks (c.1735-c.1750).

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16 June 2013

Lonely Bird flying there.

“Being a bird ain't all about flying and shitting from high places.” 
 ~ Voltaire ~

IMG 1470 Dawn Lonely

People should consider thus same . .

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13 April 2013

Interesting People

I love to photograph interesting people who have a story to tell.  This is Luke Wilton a local singer song writer who is passionate about the environment.  His passion is promoting him to  write many songs about the dangers and the loves in his life.

IMG 5302 Luke!

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